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I am Eddy Bolkenstijn. My blog is my archive and sharing point of remarkable design with an emphasis on design of functional items in everyday life such as interior, graphic design, illustration, typography and photography.  Designer / art-director / observer

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Specialized bikes are cool

When I bought my first mountain bike Specialized was a big brand. Then - at least to me - it seemed like the brand gradually disappeared of the radar. Maybe it’s because Dutch bike sellers didn’t have enough interest, or their collection didn’t have enough to offer, I don’t know.

But since a few years they are also claiming their position within the market of urban lifestyle bikes. Fixed bikes, daily use bikes, speedy messenger bikes, it’s there. I like the styling, use of materials and the prices & quality are on par. And this American brand proves that not only Dutch guys are man enough to ride around with a basket on the front  ;)  

So, in the market for a bike? There are enough reasons to take a look at Specialized sublabel ‘Globe’ and you can find all the info here.

Posted on Monday, April 9th 2012

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