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I am Eddy Bolkenstijn. My blog is my archive and sharing point of remarkable design with an emphasis on design of functional items in everyday life such as interior, graphic design, illustration, typography and photography.  Designer / art-director / observer

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Joe Colombo lighting for oluce

While searching the web, looking for lighting manufacturers, I stumbled upon the well known Italian lighting firm oluce. I especially looked into the work Joe Colombo did for them. Classic designs, and still being produced, check them out here.

While I was already familiar with the work of Joe Colombo, I never realized he died at the early age of 41 in 1971 in Milan. While I am now 41, I realize in how little time he created great classic design icons. 

In this post I wanted to highlight his lighting designs for oluce. I admire these for their basic shapes and mechanics, while still having exactly the right proportions and lighting possibilities.

Posted on Sunday, March 18th 2012

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